Apple Pie Bites

There’s nothing I love more than curling up with a good book, a pot of a tea and a sneaky sweet treat.

Winter + lots of sweet treats = a not so happy summer body.:(

So to this end, my sweet treats tend to err on the home made, healthier side (well, most of the time…). Continue reading


Recipe | Börek

Borek was a firm staple in our home growing up, and it still is today. It’s traditionally a Turkish dish, but has been adopted by many other nations, who’ve put their own spin on it. It’s easy, filling and versatile. It’s like a (lighter?) cousin of the gozleme There’s many different types, which you can see from the Wikipedia link above, however the recipe I’m going to share is the basic and simplest version. This is great to have on hand to serve to unexpected guests with tea, or even for breakfast or afternoon tea.

A colleague recently asked me where I would recommend getting this dish from, and I told her to make her own! Borek is most often found in kebab shops and are often laden will oil and excess fat which is totally unnecessary. So here we go…mums tried and tested cheese borek recipe. Note that this is traditionally made with yufka pastry, however as this is harder to come by, we substitute for filo, which is just as good. Continue reading