Books to make you fall back in <3 with reading! My guest post

So I jumped at the chance to do this post, which first appeared on Lipstick & Motherhood, a great new blog I stumbled across that covers all things from beauty, motherhood, fitness and more!


Ok, so that title is quite a claim, but I stand by it!
As many of my readers know, I am a bookworm. Reading relaxes my mind, transports me into other worlds, and makes my life all the richer. Because of this, it makes me sad when people tell me they’re just not into reading, or they used to love it when they were younger but can’t get back into it. I think this is a huge shame, and firmly believe it’s a case of a bad or inappropriate book. 
Without further ado, check out my list of books guaranteed to get those pages turning!
Shadow of the wind series – Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The city of Barcelona pulses alive in this gothic tale filled with mystery, suspense and romance. It’s a very readable trilogy, with the pages flying as you try and unravel the mystery 10 year old Daniel Sempere stumbles upon when he ‘adopts’ a novel from the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. The writing is beautiful, and the story gripping. Good luck putting it down!


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Burial Rites – Hannah Kent

I encourage anyone who hasn’t read this book to seriously put down whatever you’re doing, and hop to it. I picked it up last Saturday night, and when I put it down what felt like 3 minutes later, (but was actually closer to 2 hours) I was halfway through. It’s Hannah Kent’s debut novel, and the story itself of how the book came to be written is extraordinary. The writing is truly something else, lyrical but yet taut and very atmospheric- I read it with a growing sense of foreboding which I felt I could almost reach out and touch.


It’s based on the true story of Agnes Magnúsdóttir, the last woman to be exiled in Iceland for her part in the murders of Natan Ketilsson and Pétur Jónsson in 1828. The novel tells the story of her last few months, in a combination of first person narrative and through the eyes of those around her- which I thought was a nice touch to keep the story moving, and not at all as jarring as it can feel penned by a lessor author. Some voices are sympathetic, like the young and compassionate preacher, Reverend Thorvadur “Tóti” Jónsson  who Is Agnes’ self requested confessor, used as a vehicle for Agnes to voice her side of the story. Continue reading

Books as Therapy

What a great site! I came across it while I was browsing The School of Life (another one of my faves!).

They can explain it much more eloquently than I…so without further ado..

This site was put together to accompany a bibliotherapy service offered by The School of Life. We often get the sense that somewhere out there is the perfect book for us and the problem we are facing at the moment – getting older, dealing with love, enduring work, having a good holiday, working out how to build a better society. This project is an exercise in linking up some books with the needs of our souls.

In the ideal culture we would get a personalised list of books which would be optimal for us to meet at just this point in our lives.”

I LOVE the idea that there is a book waiting to help us navigate each stage of our lives…probably a lot cheaper than therapy too :).  I also LOVE the idea of a personalised book list…where do I sign up? On an aside, I didn’t even know that that was a thing, but apparently it is! Check it out here. What a fun job!

Reading about writing

We’re told that in order to become good writers, we must write every day. And I do. Lists, journal entries, blog entries, tweets, copy for ads… but I don’t feel like I’m ever writing. Ideas pop into my over stimulated and tired mind, stay as I mull them over them and then poof! they’re gone.

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If, like me you’re looking for your voice or your big story, this resource may help you as much as it has me. I came across this blog, gosh knows where, but I’ve been following it for some time via Feedly. Only now when I visited the link on my desktop did I realise it’s more than just a writing blog…it seems to be a community of writers, and also a tool to help you start on your novel. Can’t vouch for that, but I can definitely vouch for the blog! Which probably means it’s legit actually.

What are some of your favourite writing blogs/inspirations? I’d love to add them to my Feedly, so please drop them below! Because there’s just nothing quite like reading about writing, when you could actually be..writing! 😀

Unwind – Neal Shusterman

This book had been on my list for some time, after seeing it over and over again in the ‘must read’ dystopian fiction lists that seem to pop up every once in a while. It’s surprisingly hard to track down, given it was only published a couple of years back.


The premise is this: After the bloody Second Civil War fought between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice, a set of constitutional amendments known as the ‘Bill of Life’ were passed.  The Bill basically means that human life can’t be touched from conception to the age of 13. But from 13-18, parents may choose to retrospectively abort that child…but their life doesn’t technically end. They are ‘Unwound’ and kept in a divided state…that is, their organs are divided up and implanted to those who need it most. Continue reading

Twice Upon a Time – Kate Forster

A fun and flirty Young Adult read, Twice Upon a Time sucked me in from the first page….I do love a good fairytale retelling!

Lucinda, or Cinda (rella?) is a young, vivacious girl backpacking around Europe with her friend (ehem, fairy godmother) Jonas, when she finds herself hanging  off the side of a cliff in Sardinia in pursuit of the perfect landscape to paint. Enter Prince Charming to rescue her…no, an ACTUAL prince. 
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