Gone Girl book & movie review – Gillian Flynn

I finally picked up this book a couple of weeks ago and literally swallowed it whole. It took me barely a weekend to finish it, and it would have been sooner if my hubby hadn’t pried it out of my hands on night 1, scared for the state of my mind no doubt.

The story is such that boy meets girl, they fall in love, marry, move to the ‘burbs and… girl disappears. The finger is pointed squarely at the husband, especially as some secrets are divulged…but there’s definitely more to this story. Twists and turns to keep the pages turning swiftly, and writing so tight and tense it had me on edge the whole time.

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Marina | Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The sense of nostalgia in Zafon’s writing gets me every time. I meander over his words, going back to read them and they seriously make my heart melt. He is always a pleasure to read and I really really must say thanks again to my friend Neen for introducing me.

Marina promises to be a ‘Gothic tale for all ages’ and that sums this novel up so well.

I’d been wanting to read this for some time, as even the novelist himself admits  ‘Of all the books I’ve published ever since I picked up this odd business of novelist trade back in prehistoric 1992, Marina remains one of my favorites.’
He goes on to say that ‘By then I had already published three novels for young adults but soon after embarking on Marina I knew that this would be the last I’d write in the genre. As the writing advanced, everything in the story began to acquire a shade of farewell, and by the time I’d finished it, I sensed that something inside me, something that even today I cannot explain, but that I still miss every single day, was forever left among its page’ 
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The year that was in books

So this year I managed to read 39 books. Not bad, however I had a goal of reaching 52. I blame our trip to Europe entirely of course! I normally read about a book a week. So, being away for 7 weeks meant I was 7 books short…oh wait, that still doesn’t add up. 😉

In any case, there’s always next year, however, I fear my new Galaxy Note tablet may have something to say about that too. I find myself spending hours watching Youtube vloggers, reading eMags from my library, or just..ya know, doing stuff.

So what really stood out?

My ‘ohmygod you have GOT to read this’ list!
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The Summer of Katya | Trevanian


“In the summer of 1914 Jean-Marc Montjean, a recent graduate from medical school, arrives in the Basque village of Salies in the French Pyrenees to assist the village physician. His first assignment is to treat the louche brother of a beautiful young woman called Katya Treville. As he comes to know his patient’s family, he begins to realise that they are haunted by an old, dark secret – but he can’t help falling deeply in love with Katya. Jean-Marc is repeatedly warned away from any attempt at romantic involvement by Katya’s family, but he is young, hopeful, in love, and certain that his feelings are reciprocated. When he learns that the Trevilles are planning to leave the village forever, he insists on a final meeting with Katya, one that transforms a heartrending love story into a shattering nightmare. The chilling denouement, reminiscent of Hitchcock at his best, will stay with the reader long after the last page is turned’ Continue reading