Afternoons in Ithaka – Spiri Tsintziras

They say not to judge a book by it’s cover. Pffft…have you SEEN this cover? I had to have this book, immediately, and it was all based on the cover.


Turning it around, I hoped the back would do it justice- and it delivered!  I knew I wouldn’t even need to do the first page test or the random middle page test. I was in love with the writing, and the story was already tugging at my nostalgic heartstrings. Continue reading


Apple Pie Bites

There’s nothing I love more than curling up with a good book, a pot of a tea and a sneaky sweet treat.

Winter + lots of sweet treats = a not so happy summer body.:(

So to this end, my sweet treats tend to err on the home made, healthier side (well, most of the time…). Continue reading

The Food of Love Cookery School | Nicky Pellegrino

Nicky Pellegrino is one one of my go to authors when I want a little escapism. This time last year, hubby and I were planning a trip to Europe, which included 2 weeks exploring Italy. Feeling a bit nostalgic and totally over winter, I picked up a copy of this at my local library.

If you love food and travel, then this is the book for you!



Continue reading