Books to make you fall back in <3 with reading! My guest post

So I jumped at the chance to do this post, which first appeared on Lipstick & Motherhood, a great new blog I stumbled across that covers all things from beauty, motherhood, fitness and more!


Ok, so that title is quite a claim, but I stand by it!
As many of my readers know, I am a bookworm. Reading relaxes my mind, transports me into other worlds, and makes my life all the richer. Because of this, it makes me sad when people tell me they’re just not into reading, or they used to love it when they were younger but can’t get back into it. I think this is a huge shame, and firmly believe it’s a case of a bad or inappropriate book. 
Without further ado, check out my list of books guaranteed to get those pages turning!
Shadow of the wind series – Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The city of Barcelona pulses alive in this gothic tale filled with mystery, suspense and romance. It’s a very readable trilogy, with the pages flying as you try and unravel the mystery 10 year old Daniel Sempere stumbles upon when he ‘adopts’ a novel from the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. The writing is beautiful, and the story gripping. Good luck putting it down!


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Apple Pie Bites

There’s nothing I love more than curling up with a good book, a pot of a tea and a sneaky sweet treat.

Winter + lots of sweet treats = a not so happy summer body.:(

So to this end, my sweet treats tend to err on the home made, healthier side (well, most of the time…). Continue reading

The Food of Love Cookery School | Nicky Pellegrino

Nicky Pellegrino is one one of my go to authors when I want a little escapism. This time last year, hubby and I were planning a trip to Europe, which included 2 weeks exploring Italy. Feeling a bit nostalgic and totally over winter, I picked up a copy of this at my local library.

If you love food and travel, then this is the book for you!



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The year that was in books

So this year I managed to read 39 books. Not bad, however I had a goal of reaching 52. I blame our trip to Europe entirely of course! I normally read about a book a week. So, being away for 7 weeks meant I was 7 books short…oh wait, that still doesn’t add up. 😉

In any case, there’s always next year, however, I fear my new Galaxy Note tablet may have something to say about that too. I find myself spending hours watching Youtube vloggers, reading eMags from my library, or just..ya know, doing stuff.

So what really stood out?

My ‘ohmygod you have GOT to read this’ list!
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The Summer of Katya | Trevanian


“In the summer of 1914 Jean-Marc Montjean, a recent graduate from medical school, arrives in the Basque village of Salies in the French Pyrenees to assist the village physician. His first assignment is to treat the louche brother of a beautiful young woman called Katya Treville. As he comes to know his patient’s family, he begins to realise that they are haunted by an old, dark secret – but he can’t help falling deeply in love with Katya. Jean-Marc is repeatedly warned away from any attempt at romantic involvement by Katya’s family, but he is young, hopeful, in love, and certain that his feelings are reciprocated. When he learns that the Trevilles are planning to leave the village forever, he insists on a final meeting with Katya, one that transforms a heartrending love story into a shattering nightmare. The chilling denouement, reminiscent of Hitchcock at his best, will stay with the reader long after the last page is turned’ Continue reading

The Shoemakers Wife | Adriana Trigiani

I have a 45 minute bus ride each way to and from work. If you know me, you know that I’m a bit of a germaphobe, so this time can be sweat inducing, what with all the coughs, sneezes and what nots around me. I use reading to lose myself. I’m totally focused, and pretty much oblivious to everything around me. This also means I get through a lot of books, around 1 a week or so. I’ve become very friendly with my library…it takes me back to my childhood when mum would take me to the library, wait outside or come back (amazing mum she is!) while I patiently scoured the shelves.

There was an art to it. I’m not a book snob, I’ll devour pretty much anything, in any genre. Continue reading

The Secret life of Bees | Sue Monk Kidd

This book had been on my to read list for a while, so to say I was stoked when I saw it at my local library was an understatement. I had heard it was a coming of age novel, but that was about it.

The novel is set in South Carolina on the cusp of one of the most important times in US history. The Civil Rights Act paved the way for the abolishment of racial segregation, voter equality and racial and religious discrimination. It’s the summer of Martin Luther King and Miles Davis. It’s also the summer that everything changes for Lilly Owens, a 14 year old white girl and her nanny/peach picker/bestie Rosaleen who reside on a peach farm with Lilly’s abusive and horrid father, and the vivid memory of her mother;

“This is what I know about myself. She was all I wanted. And I took her away.” Continue reading