Reading about writing

We’re told that in order to become good writers, we must write every day. And I do. Lists, journal entries, blog entries, tweets, copy for ads… but I don’t feel like I’m ever writing. Ideas pop into my over stimulated and tired mind, stay as I mull them over them and then poof! they’re gone.

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If, like me you’re looking for your voice or your big story, this resource may help you as much as it has me. I came across this blog, gosh knows where, but I’ve been following it for some time via Feedly. Only now when I visited the link on my desktop did I realise it’s more than just a writing blog…it seems to be a community of writers, and also a tool to help you start on your novel. Can’t vouch for that, but I can definitely vouch for the blog! Which probably means it’s legit actually.

What are some of your favourite writing blogs/inspirations? I’d love to add them to my Feedly, so please drop them below! Because there’s just nothing quite like reading about writing, when you could actually be..writing! 😀


Full circle

I have seen unspeakable things in my life. Damage. Destruction.  Death.

I have felt the very moment when life exits the body. The frenzied panic giving way to a slackening of the limbs and a glassy eyed, empty stare. The moment when the soul passes through, unseen yet keenly felt in the emptiness left behind.

I carry around with me the blood of my victims, their screams and their stories. These well worn horrors stalk the earth with me, casting a shadow which one can’t help but notice. Do you see it in the set of my mouth? Or is it the jumpy gaze, the tightness in my limbs? Continue reading

The 10 worst things that could happen on the way to work

1. You get into the car, slam the door, stick the keys in, ease into reverse. Looking over your shoulder you jump, and then breathe a sigh of relief as you realise you forgot the splitting image of yourself in the back seat last night. That thing does give you a fright.

2. You walk outside, turning towards the door to pull it shut behind you. You struggle with the lock, cursing your flatmate who promised to fix it last weekend. It’s just like him to — You turn mid-thought and plant your foot where the next step should be, except it’s not there. You’re free falling, wind whipping past your ears and all you can think about is the fact that you forgot to wear matching underwear. Continue reading