The Duff by Kody Keplinger

So it seems the movie trailer is everywhere as of late, but yes it is actually based on a book which was released a couple of years back. Check out my full review here. And remember to update your readers as I have finally moved!

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I’ve moved!

So after owning the domain name for this blog for the last 4 years, I’ve FINALLY gotten around to switching it over!

What’s changed? Besides the URL, nothing much! You’ll still be able to follow my biblio adventures with some interviews, recipes and inspiration on the side for good measure over at

Close up – Kate Forster

So if you’ve checked out my book log lately, I’ve taken a well needed break from my usual genres of choice and settled nicely into chic lit. I’ve gone through quite a few books, but there’s been one book I literally couldn’t put down, and that has been Close Up by Aussie author Kate Forster. I’ve read one of her novels before, but this one is definitely my favourite (so far!).


Close up Kate Forster

The novel is set in Hollywood, and tells the story of Zoe Green, power broker to the stars, and one of her clients and closest friends, Continue reading

The Best Feeling of All – Jack Ellis

So a friend of mine once told me that kids like to read books set in a place that’s familiar to them…maybe I’m a kid at heart, or this applies to everyone, because reading ‘The Best Feeling of All’ made me so very nostalgic! The novel is set on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, which is where I grew up, and the strong sense of place really had me hooked from the beginning.  I must also mention now that Jack Ellis seems to be the king of believable teen dialogue. The whip tight and age appropriate narrative throughout the novel really helped bring it all together and kept it all moving along nicely.

jack ellis

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Books as Therapy

What a great site! I came across it while I was browsing The School of Life (another one of my faves!).

They can explain it much more eloquently than I…so without further ado..

This site was put together to accompany a bibliotherapy service offered by The School of Life. We often get the sense that somewhere out there is the perfect book for us and the problem we are facing at the moment – getting older, dealing with love, enduring work, having a good holiday, working out how to build a better society. This project is an exercise in linking up some books with the needs of our souls.

In the ideal culture we would get a personalised list of books which would be optimal for us to meet at just this point in our lives.”

I LOVE the idea that there is a book waiting to help us navigate each stage of our lives…probably a lot cheaper than therapy too :).  I also LOVE the idea of a personalised book list…where do I sign up? On an aside, I didn’t even know that that was a thing, but apparently it is! Check it out here. What a fun job!

The year that was in books

So this year I managed to read 39 books. Not bad, however I had a goal of reaching 52. I blame our trip to Europe entirely of course! I normally read about a book a week. So, being away for 7 weeks meant I was 7 books short…oh wait, that still doesn’t add up. 😉

In any case, there’s always next year, however, I fear my new Galaxy Note tablet may have something to say about that too. I find myself spending hours watching Youtube vloggers, reading eMags from my library, or just..ya know, doing stuff.

So what really stood out?

My ‘ohmygod you have GOT to read this’ list!
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The 10 worst things that could happen on the way to work

1. You get into the car, slam the door, stick the keys in, ease into reverse. Looking over your shoulder you jump, and then breathe a sigh of relief as you realise you forgot the splitting image of yourself in the back seat last night. That thing does give you a fright.

2. You walk outside, turning towards the door to pull it shut behind you. You struggle with the lock, cursing your flatmate who promised to fix it last weekend. It’s just like him to — You turn mid-thought and plant your foot where the next step should be, except it’s not there. You’re free falling, wind whipping past your ears and all you can think about is the fact that you forgot to wear matching underwear. Continue reading