My must have apps

This post is inspired by my friend Neen, who wrote a similar post last year as part of her 52 lists blog challenge.

So I can’t live without my phone. I know, I know how cliche, but look I’ve even tested it. I left my phone at home, and counted the number of times I reached for it throughout the day. It was in the double digits by the time 10am rolled around! I use it both for work and pleasure so that’s probably why (uh huh…addict)

Anyway, most days you’ll find my phone surgically attached to my hand, brow furrowed and furiously tapping away. What am I doing? Probably using one of the below. Now apps come and go, but this is my CORE list of essential apps. These are on my phone, and I also have a few I like to use on my Samsung Galaxy Note. These are not in any order (mostly because I tried and it just broke my heart) Continue reading


Moo goo & my quest for natural skincare

The title of this post is quite miseleading. It’s not really MY quest for natural skin care as much as my sisters, but I am definitely strapped in and along for the ride.

A couple of years back, my sister warned me against the evils of parabens. Like any good younger sister, I nodded my head and started paying attention to the labels on my next trip to Priceline. Realising I didn’t actually know what a paraben was, I did some research of my own. It turns out that they are cheap but effective man made preservatives used in beauty products to fight bacteria & fungus. Oh, they’ve also been linked to breast cancer. Yup.

Visual representation of how I expect a paraben to look. Note: this is not an actual paraben.

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Stores | Brentwood Interiors

I stumbled upon this little gem last weekend as I was wondering around aimlessly waiting for my hubby to finish at the mechanic. Brentwood is the type of store a gal could get lost in- both for the amount of goods on display, but also because the store is so damn pretty. The owner has 10+ years of design experience under her belt, and it really shows in the way the store has been put together.

It’s filled to the brim with home decor such as pretty pillows, Glasshouse candles, pictures, mirrors and flowers, as well as French/country style furnishings such as bed side tables, outdoor tables and chairs, and side boards. The flavour sits within the French provincial school of thought peppered with modern delights. It also boasts a pretty tidy collection of books- coffee table designer books, cook books, interior styling and so on.

If you’re looking for any last minute gifts, the store also stocks jewelry as well as items from the divine MOR collection.

Check out some pics below and don’t forget to visit next time you’re at North Rocks!