An auditory travel through time…

A friend’s recent Facebook post prompted me to think about sound and music in particular recently. It’s such a powerful sense and can literally transport you back to another time and place.  She asked what music we were listening to throughout high school. I distinctly remember sitting in the playground with a group of friends in Year 7 belting out ‘Ain’t nobody gonna break my stride’ by Unique II (Yes I had to look them up!)

I think this, along with this Savage Garden number could just about sum up my high school years. Continue reading


Out & about – art with a dash of eery

The mystery tour which runs as part of  the 18th Biennale of Sydney has always fascinated me.  Firstly, neither my hubby (V) or I have been to Cockatoo Island, and the part about the tour being conducted by  ‘celebrities, chefs and writers’ always intrigued me. Who would conduct the tour?  Had the opportunity finally arrived to ask Matt about his collection of cravats?

So on a bitterly cold winters day we bundled up, grabbed our camera and eagerly hopped on the ferry. I must interject here to say, if you’re thinking about visiting, do so in the morning. We felt very pleased about dragging our bums out of bed at the crack of dawn (er, 8) when we saw the queues of people wanting to get ON the Island as we finished up. And let’s not even THINK about the prospects of being left on this island after dark. I’m still not fairly sure what this Island was used for, but I think it could be the set of the next Aussie horror flick.

Don’t be fooled, it was freezing!

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The outdoor room

As the inside of our house starts to look better and we get closer to another Sydney summer, our focus goes to our courtyard.  There are some great hedges the previous occupants were kind enough to plant, and the space- while long and narrow – is enough for us. It’s just missing character and isn’t very ‘us’ at the moment.

Then –

Now –

Apart from trimming the hedges, which are starting to look great and cleaning up the flower beds, we really haven’t done much.

Flipping through the latest issue of Real Living magazine, I came across an outdoor feature – and there I found it! The inspiration I’d be craving all this time to get me excited about re-doing the courtyard…a beautiful balcony tiled with colourful Moroccan tiles. I’m thinking colourful and sandy tiles mixed together, beautiful wrought iron furniture, planter plots brimming with colourful buds and a jumble of lanterns, candles and outdoor cushions to decorate and bring that homely feeling outdoors! Check out some inspiration below, all found on the web:

The perfect place to wile away a sultry summer afternoon! Wonder if we can get it done in time…