Close up – Kate Forster

So if you’ve checked out my book log lately, I’ve taken a well needed break from my usual genres of choice and settled nicely into chic lit. I’ve gone through quite a few books, but there’s been one book I literally couldn’t put down, and that has been Close Up by Aussie author Kate Forster. I’ve read one of her novels before, but this one is definitely my favourite (so far!).


Close up Kate Forster

The novel is set in Hollywood, and tells the story of Zoe Green, power broker to the stars, and one of her clients and closest friends, Maggie Hall, Amerca’s sweetheart who is struggling to come to terms with her aging looks in a town that worships the young. While their lives seem perfect on the surface, they both hold a closely guarded secret which could shatter their perfectly glossy worlds.

Enter Dylan, a beautiful young girl who has recently relocated from New York looking for some answers of her own, who is thrust into the world of the stars via a chance encounter with Maggie. Elliot, her ‘boss’ is another engaging character who at the tender age of 23 has already been through hell and has a new lease on life thanks to a mystery donor.

Their lives all collide when Zoe is charged with bringing the bestseller ‘The Art of Love’ to the big screen, and those long buried secrets start to burst out at the seams- much to the annoyance of some.

The story moves seamlessly between this current time and a much darker previous one, where two young girls are on the run from the foster homes that have seen them age far beyond their years.

This is definitely chic lit for the smart reader with a cracking pace, whip tight writing and good character development.

Since I’m in this chic lit phase, I’d love to hear your suggestions? It’s slightly new territory for me 🙂


Love to hear your thoughts!

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