The Firebrand – Marion Zimmer Bradley

I just finished what may well be my favourite retelling of the Iliad to date, and was looking forward to reviewing it.

However, as I was doing some post last page Googling, I came across this . According to the article, the much celebrated author apparently abused and molested her own child as well as many others.

Reading up about this left a bad taste with me. At the same time, I really did enjoy the novel, and found this review, much of which I completely agree with- including the note about the length. The novel perfectly brings to life classical Greece, and really demonstrates the argument that the mortals were merely playthings of the Gods. The author really explores fate, the will of the Gods and the relationship between mortal and immortal, much more than any others I’ve read to date. She also has an alternate view of the fall of Troy, and goes some may to describe what happens to Kassandra after the famed fall of the city.

I do recommend this to anyone who has an interest in ancient Greece, or loves a good historical romance. Maybe just don’t read up on the author.


The Forever Girl – Alexander McCall Smith

I’ve never read anything by Alexander McCall Smith, but I do know he penned the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series. Perhaps I should have started with one of those.

The story is likeable enough. Clover and David are the children of ex-pats living on the idyllic Cayman Islands. They’re thrust into friendship from a very young age –  inevitable when you’re parents move in the same social circles of a small community. Continue reading