Awesome People Reading

A tumblr blog I’ve been loving lately. Check it out here.  Basically, it’s just submissions from all over the globe of people reading. Usually famous…like Stephen King here reading Kate Atkinson’s When Will There Be Good News?


Stephen King reads

Pic credit- Awesome People Reading.


2 thoughts on “Awesome People Reading

  1. Hi, this blog looks awesome – great archival photos. A few months back I finished Stephen King’s Writing:A memoir of the craft. I was one of the best writing books I have ever read, up there with Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. The book made me appreciate King’s keen intellect and curiosity – and even made me think that one day I might pick up one of his books. Thanks for sharing. Spiri

    • I love Stephen King, and funnily enough, that book has been on my to read list for the last few years – unfortunately, it’s a looooong list, and I haven’t got around to it as yet! This year I hope. Thanks for the other recommendation too, I haven’t heard of that one!

      I think King is a genius, I love his work, very fast moving and written almost like a script. Very vivid, with snappy dialogue too. …if you’re hesitant about the spook factor check out his ‘Dark Tower’ series and even the standalone novel ‘Cell’. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!!

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