Reading about writing

We’re told that in order to become good writers, we must write every day. And I do. Lists, journal entries, blog entries, tweets, copy for ads… but I don’t feel like I’m ever writing. Ideas pop into my over stimulated and tired mind, stay as I mull them over them and then poof! they’re gone.

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If, like me you’re looking for your voice or your big story, this resource may help you as much as it has me. I came across this blog, gosh knows where, but I’ve been following it for some time via Feedly. Only now when I visited the link on my desktop did I realise it’s more than just a writing blog…it seems to be a community of writers, and also a tool to help you start on your novel. Can’t vouch for that, but I can definitely vouch for the blog! Which probably means it’s legit actually.

What are some of your favourite writing blogs/inspirations? I’d love to add them to my Feedly, so please drop them below! Because there’s just nothing quite like reading about writing, when you could actually be..writing! 😀


Love to hear your thoughts!

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