Afternoons in Ithaka – Spiri Tsintziras

They say not to judge a book by it’s cover. Pffft…have you SEEN this cover? I had to have this book, immediately, and it was all based on the cover.


Turning it around, I hoped the back would do it justice- and it delivered!  I knew I wouldn’t even need to do the first page test or the random middle page test. I was in love with the writing, and the story was already tugging at my nostalgic heartstrings.

This is a story of a young girl resolutely setting out to find herself and her future, but instead coming to appreciate the past and her place in it. And maybe the ties we try so hard to break in our youth are the ones we’ll then frantically try to recreate in adulthood.

Part memoir, part cookbook, but definitely full to the brim with a whole lotta love, this is a book I’d recommend to anyone looking for an authentic Greek recipe, yearning for a sunny European adventure, or like me, found themselves plucked away from  family and friends, and placed down in Australia in their formative years. The book is peppered with personal photos which brings the characters to life, and each chapter is illustrated with a recipe at the end.

You’ll laugh, you’ll definitely cry and you’ll probably even attempt to cook something that perhaps should really be left to the professionals! (i.e nonna’s and yaya’s!)


2 thoughts on “Afternoons in Ithaka – Spiri Tsintziras

  1. Thanks so much for your great review – it’s so wonderful when people read my book and really ‘get it’. I absolutely love your site – it’s everything I feel passionate about in one great juicy package. I have shared your post and plugged your blog with my (humble number of) Facebook followers. Thanks again for your support and getting the word out there about my book. I will follow your bookish recommendations with interest. Best, Spiri

    • Hello! I can’t reiterate how much I enjoyed your book. I know the review feels a bit light on, but I honestly couldn’t put into words the nostalgia it brought on to my own childhood…such a fun read! I have a feeling it’s going to make its way under my Xmas tree as gifts this year.

      Thanks so much for doing that- amazing coming from you also 😉


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