Gone Girl book & movie review – Gillian Flynn

I finally picked up this book a couple of weeks ago and literally swallowed it whole. It took me barely a weekend to finish it, and it would have been sooner if my hubby hadn’t pried it out of my hands on night 1, scared for the state of my mind no doubt.

The story is such that boy meets girl, they fall in love, marry, move to the ‘burbs and… girl disappears. The finger is pointed squarely at the husband, especially as some secrets are divulged…but there’s definitely more to this story. Twists and turns to keep the pages turning swiftly, and writing so tight and tense it had me on edge the whole time.


The characters are deeply layered,  at times eerily relateable, but also in equal measures not (phew!). It’s a mystery in the pure whodunnit style, which had me guessing right until the end.  There’s not much more I can say about this without giving anything away, but there’s a reason everyone has been making such a fuss. It was published in 2012, and here we are, less than 2 years later and the film is just about to be released in Australia.

I had the pleasure of going to an advanced screening of the film last night. I had concerns, especially after watching the first trailer that was released. The mood seemed all wrong, and the soundtrack (in the trailer at least) seemed all weird.

But fear not! Although it was quite long, it was faithful to the book. The casting was perfection, from main characters right through to minor,  and it was great to see Rosamund Pike as the leading lady. Ben Affleck, as always, was suburb. His Nick Dunne was just the right mix of arrogance, and cluelessness as his character in the book. Interestingly, his anger didn’t come through as strongly in the movie as in the book.

Neil Patrick Harris nailed Desi, as did Tyler Perry as Tanner Bolt. Kim Dickens as Boney and Patrick Fugit as Gilpin were also great choices, with the duo providing some of the comic relief throughout.

The screenplay was written by Gillian herself, and I always feel this works the best with adaptations. The movie always seems more resolved and well thought out when the author has a say, don’t you think?

Have you read the novel? Will you be watching the movie?  I’d be interested in what you thought of either!


2 thoughts on “Gone Girl book & movie review – Gillian Flynn

    • Yes you’re right! And I should have mentioned, the soundtrack was fabulous. Like an old school Hitchcock thriller it made the best bits even better! Which is why I brought up the trailer…the music selection there is SO at odds with the film, it makes me wonder what happened!

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