Twice Upon a Time – Kate Forster

A fun and flirty Young Adult read, Twice Upon a Time sucked me in from the first page….I do love a good fairytale retelling!

Lucinda, or Cinda (rella?) is a young, vivacious girl backpacking around Europe with her friend (ehem, fairy godmother) Jonas, when she finds herself hanging  off the side of a cliff in Sardinia in pursuit of the perfect landscape to paint. Enter Prince Charming to rescue her…no, an ACTUAL prince. 

I rolled my eyes too, but in all honesty, it’s somewhat more realistic than the vamps, angels, zombies, half angels, aliens normally lurking in YA fiction.

Kate Forster

Ludo or Ludovic as he’s more formally known is a bit of a Euro playboy. He’s always moving from one thing to the next, not really focused on anything, content with just living the good life. Quickly falling head over heels, he invites Cinda to stay on his property with Jonas, her travel partner and best friend. Sparks fly, and Cinda begins to  believe there may be something more between them than just a summer fling.

Enter Gus, or Augustus. Ludo’s uptight older by 3 minutes twin brother is looking to manage the latest Ludo ‘situation’. He’s seen it all before, girls parading in and out of Ludo’s life, providing more fodder for the gossip mags and awaiting paparazzi.

Gus is night to Ludo’s day; Serious, stiff, formal and a touch stuck up. He also happens to be heir to the Sardinian throne and engaged to a snotty cow, Perrette. Different types of sparks initially fly between Cinda and Gus, but as time goes on, Cinda learns that there’s more to life (and love) than partying. Sometimes you need to look deeper to find your prince 🙂

This was my first Kate Forster read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters, the dialogue and the pace kept me turning the pages…in fact, I was done within 24 hours!

Jonas, Cinda’s greatest confidant and fashion designer extraordinaire is a stand out character.  He’s sassy and full of attitude which I love, and the laugh out loud moments all came from him. Cinda is also a pretty great character, with good morals and values. She’s not easily turned by the idea of wealth and power, instead choosing to stay true to herself and her passion in life.

Although it’s a fun read, it still tackles some hard hitting  issues like class, duty, the trappings of wealth and family separation.  The changing backdrop of Sardinia, Paris, London and Barcelona helps keep the story moving, as well as adding glitz and glamour…probably why I couldn’t put the book down!



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