Apple Pie Bites

There’s nothing I love more than curling up with a good book, a pot of a tea and a sneaky sweet treat.

Winter + lots of sweet treats = a not so happy summer body.:(

So to this end, my sweet treats tend to err on the home made, healthier side (well, most of the time…).

I found this recipe by the lovely NessCooks on Instagram, and had to give it a go.  I had all the ingredients on hand, and all it took was 3 minutes in a food processor.  I left off the crushed almonds, as I only had silvered on hand,  and they weren’t sticking very well. Next time I’ll probably just put them in the batter. I used a date and apricot muesli, which gave a nice crunch and complimented the dates already in the recipe.


Apple pie bites

On another note, look how cute that mini T2 tin is! I got given a T2 tea sampler for my birthday, and it came with an assortment of breakfast teas….here we have Adelaide Breakfast, which is described as having  a black tea base, cranberries, blackberry leaves and lemongrass and promises to ‘take you on a surprising taste journey. Best enjoyed alongside a cheese platter, almonds, and a stunning view.’

Bon Appetit!


Love to hear your thoughts!

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