Thoughtful Friday

I’ve recently finished an 8 week mindfulness course run through Openground in Sydney. It was a great course and it’s taught me a lot, particularly how to calm myself down in stressful situations, sitting comfortably in ‘neutral’ life experiences and riding through the wave of any life experience, be it positive or negative. 

Anyway, the coursebook is choc full of amazing quotes, some which are old favourites and some I previously haven’t come across. This quote by Mandela was right at the end of Week 8 – the very last class. I thought it quite fitting.


When we look back on our achievements,  it can be hard to believe how far we’ve come. At the same time, we’ve grown and can look far ahead at bigger challenges initially not thought possible. Going into the first class 2 months ago, I could hardly sit still for 10 minutes…now I can comfortably meditate daily for 30-45. Food for thought.





2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Friday

  1. Love that quote of his – I think it’s one of my favs.

    So great that you’ve nourished yourself this way. My own little journey in this space is making me feel so free. Michelle and I today were just saying that we feel the universe brought the three of us plus Maja together. We’ve all recently gone on this same journey in our own ways. xx

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