My must have apps

This post is inspired by my friend Neen, who wrote a similar post last year as part of her 52 lists blog challenge.

So I can’t live without my phone. I know, I know how cliche, but look I’ve even tested it. I left my phone at home, and counted the number of times I reached for it throughout the day. It was in the double digits by the time 10am rolled around! I use it both for work and pleasure so that’s probably why (uh huh…addict)

Anyway, most days you’ll find my phone surgically attached to my hand, brow furrowed and furiously tapping away. What am I doing? Probably using one of the below. Now apps come and go, but this is my CORE list of essential apps. These are on my phone, and I also have a few I like to use on my Samsung Galaxy Note. These are not in any order (mostly because I tried and it just broke my heart)


Facebook & Facebook Pages Manager
I cheered when the latter FINALLY came out for Android. I work as a digital marketing manager, so always have a few pages to manage. The regular FB app is usually just for personal use.

Yes I use it. Not sure why. Actually, this is one of those ones I KNOW will be good for work at some stage…just don’t know which work yet 🙂 In the meantime, I like to stay up to date with all types of social networks.

Love Twitter. I would describe FB as the Daily Telegraph of the social world (sensationalised, old content and riddled with ads) and Twitter (and Reddit actually) as the Fin Review/The Australian. I have my own account and then various work accounts on there.

Little bit of work and little bit of play again. I was never a fan of videos, mostly cos I very rarely use my desktop pc and hated watching vids on my phone, but then I got my tablet. And worked out I am very much a video person. I follow beauty/ vloggers and also watch some international type shows on there. Hooked.

Purely for pleasure at this stage. I follow a mix of friends, bloggers, fitspro and celebrity accounts.

I don’t love this app, but it’s there.

One of my fave social networks. Use it to keep track of all the ‘stuff’ I like on the web, plus use it to curate content for brands I work on.

I prefer instagram direct, but I keep this app for the younger people in my life who prefer it.

Another one of my fave social networks. I love to follow interesting people and topics.

Another social network I’m testing out. Interesting concept, but the utility isn’t there yet.

What the heck did we do before Wiki? One of my absolute, hands down fave apps. Love it for looking up specific things, and also just randomly browsing. Just need to check one thing…2 hours later I find I’ve been reading about time machines etc etc.

Again, one of my fave apps. Often can’t watch anything without reaching for it. Ends all types of ‘ this the guy that..’ style arguments in our household. Also used to use it quite heavily to see whether a movie is worth watching, but I’ve heard that the ratings have been skewed by advertising $$. Damn marketers. I use Rotten Tomatoes now.

Essential for navigating today’s pop world, where everyone sounds the same.

Drive & Dropbox
Use it to store all my documents I know I’ll need from various locations.

We all cried when we heard Google was finally switching off Reader. But then my friend Neen came to the rescue, did all the ground work and research and said this was the best alternative. I haven’t looked back since.

ESSENTIAL!! I use this to store all the books I’ve read, all the books I want to read and also rely very heavily on the reviews. Because life is short. There’s no time for shit books or coffee.

reddit is fun
My Reddit app of choice for Android.

Moldiv, PicCollage, Afterlight
I love using these to edit my pics.

Seriously, this is the bomb. And I’m not just saying that since I’ll be brand managing it as of next week. I loved it long before that. Ever loved a song but couldn’t find anything similar? This app will solve that. You can also listen to hundreds of US and NZ radio stations. My fave station I’ve created is zumba, no joke. LOL

Tablet only apps

I have a lot of the same apps on my tablet, however some I believe work a lot better in the tab environment-

For when I want to blog on my tablet.

ABC iview/7Plus and SBS on Demand
Have you guys checked these out? There’s sooo many good shows particularly on SBS and ABC…not just what they have on regular Tv either.

Zinio/Overdrive media
One of my fave apps on the tablet. My library has eMags and eBooks, and they work with these 2 apps. So I can get all the great mags, straight to my tablet. Or if I’ve left my book/kindle at home, I can just download the book straight to my tablet!


I’m not really one for phone games. But I do have a few I keep on my phone.

– 7 little words is a great little word game which keeps boredom at bay.
– Okey – is like rummykub-CandySwipe saga

Sooo.. any to share with me? Something you love or that I need to know about? Do tell!


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