Thoughtful Friday

I’ve recently finished an 8 week mindfulness course run through Openground in Sydney. It was a great course and it’s taught me a lot, particularly how to calm myself down in stressful situations, sitting comfortably in ‘neutral’ life experiences and riding through the wave of any life experience, be it positive or negative.  Continue reading


My must have apps

This post is inspired by my friend Neen, who wrote a similar post last year as part of her 52 lists blog challenge.

So I can’t live without my phone. I know, I know how cliche, but look I’ve even tested it. I left my phone at home, and counted the number of times I reached for it throughout the day. It was in the double digits by the time 10am rolled around! I use it both for work and pleasure so that’s probably why (uh huh…addict)

Anyway, most days you’ll find my phone surgically attached to my hand, brow furrowed and furiously tapping away. What am I doing? Probably using one of the below. Now apps come and go, but this is my CORE list of essential apps. These are on my phone, and I also have a few I like to use on my Samsung Galaxy Note. These are not in any order (mostly because I tried and it just broke my heart) Continue reading