Some belated sunshine…

*ehem. This was last edited October 17th, I was just reminded of the fact that it was sitting in drafts!!*

So a couple of weeks ago Mel tagged me in a sunshine award!!! I had a good squeal about this with Neen, then promptly forgot that I had to DO something in return…so without further ado, some Q&A’s on moi and my own nominees!


If you are nominated you must include the link in a blog, linking to the person/blog that nominated you. You must answer some questions and nominate fellow bloggers and link their blogs in your post. Let the people you have nominated know that you have nominated them!

Here are the questions:

1. Who is your favorite philosopher?
Wow this is a hard one. We don’t take philosophy in high school, nor did I choose it as a unit in university, so over the years Ive come across ideas that have resonated, however whether they are my favourite philosophers I couldn’t say – I would need to take a closer, more holistic look at their total works and ideas. I absolutely believe in freedom of speech and separation between church & state (think this is attributed to Locke?).  I like Chomsky, especially his thoughts on mass media, Huxley who I would consider a philosopher, Thoreau as well as Socrates, Plato & Aristotle , whose work, weirdly enough, I have studied in Ancient History. I also really like the thoughts and writings of Hrant Dink, especially around human & minority rights.

My childhood was spent listening to my grandfather recite fables from the likes of Aesop on our long walks to and from school, and they really resonated with me – regardless of whether he existed or not.

In terms of ideas and thinking, I love watching TED videos, especially across genres that are a mystery to me – I couldn’t even tell you who were my faves. I think TED is like the  modern version of philosophy in bite sized pieces. Philosophy Lite 🙂

2. What is your favorite number?
I have no clue what my favourite number is. When I remember that I’m lacking a fave, I choose a random one and try to drill it into myself, should the circumstance ever present,  however I always forget. I once proclaimed to my sister that I much preferred even years to uneven, since nothing good ever came of an uneven year. And then she gently reminded me of everything good that happened to fall on the previous year (an uneven one), and there I am again back at square one.

I think it’s the fact that I HATE all numbers equally. Nothing gives me more of a headache then numbers. Actually, numbers in an excel spreadsheet. Yep, that’s worse.

3. What is your favorite animal?
Well. I’m not an animal person per se. I mean, I love looking at animals. Take me to a zoo where the animals are safely enclosed, their tongues or paws or trunks locked safely away and I am a happy chappy. Dogs and cats both make me nervous (childhood experiences), although I looooove puppies and kittens. I have this weird thing where I can’t touch an animal or have it touch me. I know, I’m a freak. I think at the root of it all is that I’m actually scared that they are going to eat me.

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter? and Selina Abram on FB

5. What is your favorite time of day?
Morning! I love the light and the promise a new days holds.

6. What was your favorite vacation?
Our trip to the US last year. Only complaint would be that it was too short!

7. What is your favorite physical activity?
Dance! For me it’s the only type of cardio where I’m not groaning through the minutes and watching the clock.

8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
CHAI TIME!!!!! Hands down my favourite drink of ALL time. Hazelnut milk tea, 1/3 sweet with balls OR for a lighter version, lychee green tea with lychee jellies and no sugar. I even know the calorie content of each. An addict must, for proper meal planning.

9. What is your favorite flower?
Peonies definitely. I considered changing my wedding date in a brief but dramatic display of bridezilla like behaviour when I found out they’re only available here for about 3 weeks in November. I also love white flowers. Any type will do.

10. What is your passion?
Family, reading, writing, food and my work.

Ok so now for my nominees for the Sunshine Award (PS I read most of your blogs in my Reader, so never get to see your sites – cute layouts guys!) (Also, this is very, very late but hey, it’s always sunny in Sydney, right?)

  • Emma aka mega mum and media extraordinaire
  • Janine for all the fun and whimsy
  • Sveta my globetrotting and photo taking friend
  • Mel for fitness, music and movie inspiration

I shall also be doing a post on all the blogs I’m loving at the moment…written by people I don’t actually know. I didn’t want to tag them here and have them all be like ‘wha-?’


4 thoughts on “Some belated sunshine…

  1. You just haven’t found your special combination yet….it’s on that menu, somewhere! Perhaps beach black tea with coconut jellies??

    Ok 5. I will remember that. When someone asks why I’ll say because that’s the number of fingers I have. Sorted.

  2. You are HILARIOUS!
    Im with Neen – chai time is hideous!
    I can just imagine you meeting Harley – you will run screaming from the room & Harley would think it’s a huge game where he has to catch you and lick you to death! (ask Neen about this game, its her favourite!!!)

    • Chai time!!??? It’s the besssst

      Harley is cute though! But yes, once he gets excited, jumpy and licky, I would probably run around in circles and hide behind people. lol

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