An auditory travel through time…

A friend’s recent Facebook post prompted me to think about sound and music in particular recently. It’s such a powerful sense and can literally transport you back to another time and place.  She asked what music we were listening to throughout high school. I distinctly remember sitting in the playground with a group of friends in Year 7 belting out ‘Ain’t nobody gonna break my stride’ by Unique II (Yes I had to look them up!)

I think this, along with this Savage Garden number could just about sum up my high school years.

Somehow I still  remember all the lyrics of both!

We’ve traveled a bit in the last few years, and it’s amazing how much music influences the whole experience. Back in 2010 we went to Thailand for our honeymoon and this, no joke, was the hot hit all over Phuket and Samui at the time.

The funny thing was, we both despised this song. When we got into a cab or a tuk tuk, they would see us and proudly declare ‘I know exactly what sir likes’ before changing the disc from local music to this.

In 2011 we went to the US – LA, Vegas and my favourite NYC. So what was blaring out of every single store, cafe, mall and taco joint? It was lucky we both really loved this song, and it had only just started getting airplay on Triple J before we left. I can distinctly recall rifling through Urban Outfitters summer sale racks on Santa Monica Boulevade with this pumping. Ahhhh bliss

Earlier in the year we visited Fiji. Every single morning, I was shaken out of my sleepy summer stupor near the pool by the exciteable activity/pool boys who held mid-morning aqua aerobics classes (I use the term loosely). Each time I hear this song, I get transported back to my pool chair, the smell of coconut wafting in the air and the soft swish of palm trees above 🙂


Your turn! Give me some songs that remind you of school, travels, fun in the sun…anything!


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