Recipe | Spag pom with a twist

We don’t eat a lot of pasta at our place. We’re talking maybe 4-6 times per year, max. When we do, it’s normally this dish. It’s so easy to make- you just chop everything up and chuck it all in the pot. It’s the perfect dish for summer entertaining. Less time mucking around in the kitchen, and more time with your guests! So without further ado…
Spaghetti al pomodoro…with a twist!

The recipe is by Jill Dupleix, and I tried to find it online but it doesn’t seem to exist. I got it in a little recipe book of hers along with the SMH one weekend. Actually, it was more like I got the SMH along with the recipe book, cos let’s be honest, who actually reads those things when it’s all old news by the time it’s printed?

2 tbsp olive oil
400g canned chopped tomatoes (I normally add an extra can if I want it to be extra saucy)
4 fresh tomatoes, the squishier the better, chopped
100g passata (I normally up this to about half the bottle, because really, what else can you do with the rest of it?!)
2 garlic cloves
good pinch of dried chilli
1 tbsp salted capers, rinsed
20 black olives (I normally up this to the whole deli container :D)
1 tsp sugar
sea salt & pepper
350g spaghetti or any other pasta really
basil leaves to serve
grated parmesan
and the twist….bocconcini! Not much of a twist, sorry for the false advertising!


In a pan/pot, combine the canned & fresh tomatoes, tomato passata, garlic, chilli, capers, olives, olive oil, sugar, sea salt & pepper. Heat gently, stirring, and simmer for 20-25 minutes until thick & saucy.

Cook the pasta according to packet instructions.

Serve with torn basil leaves, bocconcini and if you like, grated parmesan

Voila! Simple but soooo delish!


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