Recipe | Easy strawberry smoothie

I’ve been a little obsessed with smoothies lately. As in, the idea of making them, not so much the actual act of making them. I didn’t realise I already had the necessary equipment on hand to whip some up until…well, today. Faced with strawberries that were sure to spoil in the next few days, I pulled out my stick blender and decided to give it a go. And it worked!! I always thought you needed a regular blender or a food processor. I have a Braun multistick, which actually comes with a milkshake/smoothie attachment (you would think that was a dead giveaway?! I thought it was a measuring cup)

So here goes, my ultimate strawberry smoothie recipe. No added sugar and perfect for summer.

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Moo goo & my quest for natural skincare

The title of this post is quite miseleading. It’s not really MY quest for natural skin care as much as my sisters, but I am definitely strapped in and along for the ride.

A couple of years back, my sister warned me against the evils of parabens. Like any good younger sister, I nodded my head and started paying attention to the labels on my next trip to Priceline. Realising I didn’t actually know what a paraben was, I did some research of my own. It turns out that they are cheap but effective man made preservatives used in beauty products to fight bacteria & fungus. Oh, they’ve also been linked to breast cancer. Yup.

Visual representation of how I expect a paraben to look. Note: this is not an actual paraben.

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An auditory travel through time…

A friend’s recent Facebook post prompted me to think about sound and music in particular recently. It’s such a powerful sense and can literally transport you back to another time and place.  She asked what music we were listening to throughout high school. I distinctly remember sitting in the playground with a group of friends in Year 7 belting out ‘Ain’t nobody gonna break my stride’ by Unique II (Yes I had to look them up!)

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Recipe | Spag pom with a twist

We don’t eat a lot of pasta at our place. We’re talking maybe 4-6 times per year, max. When we do, it’s normally this dish. It’s so easy to make- you just chop everything up and chuck it all in the pot. It’s the perfect dish for summer entertaining. Less time mucking around in the kitchen, and more time with your guests! So without further ado…
Spaghetti al pomodoro…with a twist!

The recipe is by Jill Dupleix, and I tried to find it online but it doesn’t seem to exist. I got it in a little recipe book of hers along with the SMH one weekend. Actually, it was more like I got the SMH along with the recipe book, cos let’s be honest, who actually reads those things when it’s all old news by the time it’s printed? Continue reading