If my bag could talk

I once went to a kitchen tea where they asked everyone to guess the contents of the bride’s bag. They then emptied out her bag, while the bride looked on in shock. That day, I learned that the content of one’s bag can reveal a lot about their character. I also learned to hide my bag at any future parties held in my honour…I can just refer them to this page instead ๐Ÿ™‚
1. My wallet – recently downgraded to just a coin purse that manages to fit all my essential cards – and yes,ย  the Cha Time loyalty card is an essential item!

Image via here

2. My phone – I cannot stress how important this one item is. I once left it at home, and when I got to work a colleague asked me to keep track of how many times I reached for it to do something out of habit. It got well into the double digits by 10am. Then I cried! lol. I’ve always had an Android phone, and this is the one I have right now. I’ve never owned an iPhone, or any Apple product for that matter. I have started using my hubby’s shuffle at the gym and to be honest, I feel embarrassed to be seen carrying it…to the point that I switched out the headphones. (the white ones are now back since I managed to squish the others)

Image via here

3. Glasses – Most people really only need to worry about 2 essentials, wallet and phone. I also have to worry about my glasses.

Image via here

4. Sunglasses – Prescription, naturally.

5. Dettol hand sanitiser – Anyone who spends more than 30 minutes with me will see that I am a bit OCD about this. I don’t touch many things including; (but not limited to) anything on a bus or a train (except to sit), trolleys, petrol pumps, my keyboard, phone orย  mouse after a random IT person (or anyone random) has used it, public bannisters, ATM machine keys, eftpos machines etc. While it may look like I’m doing these things quite normally, the trained eye will realise I use a knuckle. If I really, really have to touch it, then I basically wash myself, my keyboard, mouse and all other personal effects withthe stuff. It’s a wonder anything still works around me, with the amount of alcohol it’s getting! I also have great glutes as a result of all the balancing needed on public transport (in fact, I apparently over use them, go figure!)

Image via here

6. A pen – as if I would touch a taxi drivers pen. See above.

7. Lip stick and lip gloss – Not a big fan of either, but I do remember every once in a while. I don’t like the slick feeling of gloss, yet lipstick makes me feel too ‘grown up’

8. Schedule/Diary – Even though my whole life is online, I love the idea of a beautiful diary. Each year I look forward to picking out my diary for next year. This year I even had 2 that I fell in love with- I kept the second as a back up. It takes me a good while to choose the one for the year, I normally start around November ๐Ÿ™‚ My hubby does not get this, and I still remember the year he made me rush. Nothing good came of that year…

10. Deodorant – always better to be safe than sorry!

11. Book – I’m a big reader, and I also can’t stand sitting and not doing anything. I’m currently lugging around the 1,000 page classic Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor. I feel like while I was misled into buying this book, I have a thing with not being able to leave books unfinished. I can only recall not ever finishing 2 books, and this will. not. be. the. third. Even though I feel I may have caused myself a shoulder injury carrying it around.

Image via here

12. Bobby pins – As my hubby would say.

In my defense, I have thick curly hair. Enough said

13. Assorted receipts, shopping lists and bus tickets. Um, I also just found a cheque I need to deposit which was sent to me in 2010. I do not like cheques. I particularly don’t like the slip they make you fill in before you can hand it over. I’m also really unclear as to why cheques still exist in the year 2012.

So there you have it! I would say the above makes me out to be a filing challenged germ freak who is partial to the odd bubble tea and has great hair (ha!).


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