September flicks

I’ve seen a few movies lately, some better than others.

[Rec] ² (2009)

If you’ve seen the Quarantine franchise, I suggest you check this out. If you haven’t, and you love the zombie/horror genre, run don’t walk (Does that still apply if there’s no video store?!). But before you do, make sure you see the first in the series [REC]. The second quickly picks up where the first leaves off. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen, but it’s basically about an apartment block in lock down. And that is all I will say on this matter 🙂 I really enjoyed this film. The action unravels mostly through the camera lens of one of the characters so I did find myself ducking my head a couple of times or craning my neck to try and get a better view, before realising I couldn’t. Duh. Not as annoying as Cloverfield in terms of camera angles.

Battle Royale (2000)

When I read up on the Hunger Games after reading the books, the author said she was inspired by simultaneously switching between Big Brother & Survivor on TV. I did buy it at the time…but then I saw this movie. It’s the same premise, but, being a Japanese movie, has more everything – cheese, gore, wtf factor. Still a must watch. It is a lot more gory and dark than the first though, so be prepared. Oh, and it’s a bit of a cult hit, so don’t give it a bad review online unless you’re willing to deal with the backlash (hehe)

The Watch (2012)

This was not my choice. I am not a Ben Stiller or Vince Vaughn fan. I went into this with zero expectations, and it was actually OK for a laugh. Bizarre, weird at times and there is a twist which made me go huh? Although I suspect it was only a twist as I knew nothing about it. It may have actually been a central part of the movie to begin with.

Looper (2012)

V and I had both been eagerly waiting to see this movie all year. This one promised it all-  time travel, futuristic time period  and hitmen all rolled up into one. Oh, and did I mention Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Swoon. Even with the strange CGI to make him look more like Bruce Willis (he didn’t).

So did it live up? I loved it, V only liked it. When asked why, he went on a big speel about how time travel movies fall into 2 categories, and that there’s some principles which can’t be broken. I wish I could elaborate, however time travel makes my head spin at the best of times. I try to not think too hard about it.
I loved it! The idea was compelling and the casting was solid. I only checked the time once, which for me is a record. (In case you were wondering, The Watch earned it’s first time check in the first 20 mins!)

Tomorrow, When the War Began

This movie had a lot to live up to. I remember spending hours in the library reading and re-reading my favourite parts of the book series. Did the movie live up? I thought it was OK. The acing wasn’t dreadful, nor was it particularly memorable. The dialogue was at times a bit cheesy and cheesily delivered. Asleigh Cummings was a bit of a standout – not a surprise as she has since gone on to play the lead in Puberty Blues The shooting was quite good. It’s worth a watch if you’re a fan of the series.

Have you seen any good movies lately? I’ve love to hear them below…always on the lookout for new recommendations!


4 thoughts on “September flicks

  1. Apart from The Watch, these all sound really good! I recommend The Raven & Anonymous, both of which are the only two films I’ve seen lately!

    The Raven is all about the mysterious death of Edgar Allen Poe. E & I have watched it twice now. Anonymous is that whole conspiracy theory about whether Shakespeare really wrote his own plays. Loved it, but don’t want to believe it!

  2. Thanks for those Janine, they sound really good! I’ve seen the shorts for the Raven, and it looked dark and mysterious. Not heard of Anonymous, will check it out. I think I’ve read/heard this theory before re Shakespeare though :\

  3. Looper was really good wasnt it! I am conflicted about seeing The Watch because I love Ben Stiller but cant stand Vince Vaughn.
    I also agree with Janine on both movies but Raven is the better of the two (in my opinion).
    I saw Killing Them Softly the other night and its a great film. I will check [Rec] out. Oh, have you seen Quarantine in the original spanish? even scarier!

    • I would wait for the watch on DVD. Will have to check out Killing them Softly. That’s Brad Pitt right? Huge fan 🙂 I think [Rec] is the original? The one I saw was in Spanish…it’s good. Has a great twist.

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