Out & about – art with a dash of eery

The mystery tour which runs as part of  the 18th Biennale of Sydney has always fascinated me.  Firstly, neither my hubby (V) or I have been to Cockatoo Island, and the part about the tour being conducted by  ‘celebrities, chefs and writers’ always intrigued me. Who would conduct the tour?  Had the opportunity finally arrived to ask Matt about his collection of cravats?

So on a bitterly cold winters day we bundled up, grabbed our camera and eagerly hopped on the ferry. I must interject here to say, if you’re thinking about visiting, do so in the morning. We felt very pleased about dragging our bums out of bed at the crack of dawn (er, 8) when we saw the queues of people wanting to get ON the Island as we finished up. And let’s not even THINK about the prospects of being left on this island after dark. I’m still not fairly sure what this Island was used for, but I think it could be the set of the next Aussie horror flick.

Don’t be fooled, it was freezing!

So as we huddled around, waiting for the tour to kick off, we finally got to meet our ‘mystery’ tour leader – none other than Wilfred Brandt, contributing editor of The Thousands. I’m familiar with the blog, so I breathed a secret sigh of relief that the commentary wasn’t going to be too pretentious.
Wilfred took us through his favourite exhibitions (which just so happened to be on the less windy side of the Island- bonus!) and provided some background & context to the artists work. I think it was around the second stop that both hubby and I worked out that this was not our cup of tea. I was in awe of the space itself, and couldn’t help wanting to explore, and I felt like some of the artworks took away from the ambiance. I’m glad we finally did it, but would probably give it a miss next time.

Here are some snaps of the day-

Art & general eeriness on display


Tours run for about an hour. We were hoping to check out some other parts of the island, but the weather won out in the end. It was just too freezing, so we headed back right after lunch.






Love to hear your thoughts!

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