If my bag could talk

I once went to a kitchen tea where they asked everyone to guess the contents of the bride’s bag. They then emptied out her bag, while the bride looked on in shock. That day, I learned that the content of one’s bag can reveal a lot about their character. I also learned to hide my bag at any future parties held in my honour…I can just refer them to this page instead 🙂
1. My wallet – recently downgraded to just a coin purse that manages to fit all my essential cards – and yes,  the Cha Time loyalty card is an essential item!

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September flicks

I’ve seen a few movies lately, some better than others.

[Rec] ² (2009)

If you’ve seen the Quarantine franchise, I suggest you check this out. If you haven’t, and you love the zombie/horror genre, run don’t walk (Does that still apply if there’s no video store?!). But before you do, make sure you see the first in the series [REC]. The second quickly picks up where the first leaves off. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen, but it’s basically about an apartment block in lock down. And that is all I will say on this matter 🙂 I really enjoyed this film. The action unravels mostly through the camera lens of one of the characters so I did find myself ducking my head a couple of times or craning my neck to try and get a better view, before realising I couldn’t. Duh. Not as annoying as Cloverfield in terms of camera angles. Continue reading

Out & about – art with a dash of eery

The mystery tour which runs as part of  the 18th Biennale of Sydney has always fascinated me.  Firstly, neither my hubby (V) or I have been to Cockatoo Island, and the part about the tour being conducted by  ‘celebrities, chefs and writers’ always intrigued me. Who would conduct the tour?  Had the opportunity finally arrived to ask Matt about his collection of cravats?

So on a bitterly cold winters day we bundled up, grabbed our camera and eagerly hopped on the ferry. I must interject here to say, if you’re thinking about visiting, do so in the morning. We felt very pleased about dragging our bums out of bed at the crack of dawn (er, 8) when we saw the queues of people wanting to get ON the Island as we finished up. And let’s not even THINK about the prospects of being left on this island after dark. I’m still not fairly sure what this Island was used for, but I think it could be the set of the next Aussie horror flick.

Don’t be fooled, it was freezing!

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